Why Tour With Us?

Experience the city with its insiders and help them restart their lives.

Authentic city

We want to show you Prague without tourist traps. We will show you how some people really live here.

Life changing experience

You will never look at the homeless people and the city surroundings in the same way.

Social Entrepreneurship

We are responsible business who gives back to the community.

Get to know our guides

Fri 19:00 PM, 2 hours


A ballad about prostitution and drugs

Fri 16:00, 2 hours

Tour with an English Interpreter

For foreigners - there is always an interpreter who translates into English

Su 17:00, 2 Hours


Smíchov seriously but with laugh

Fri 19:00, 2 hours


Karel's guide to a young gay man in Prague

Thu 17:00, 2 Hours


Prague drug scene

Sun 14:00, 2 Hours


Homeless by choice

Wed & Sat 18:00, 2 Hours


Roman-tic trip under the bridge


All you need to know

In order to book a tour with Pragulic, first select your guide. Then click on the “Book Tour” button, choose your preferred date in the calendar, and fill in your contact information. Confirm and make a payment. You will then receive an email with tour details. Now you can meet your guide and enjoy the experience!

Your guide

Your guide is a person who is experiencing homelessness. This means that they are currently rough sleeping, using shelter houses, or staying in different forms of unstable accommodation. Every guide is in a different stage and we do as much as possible to improve their conditions.

Weather & what to take with you

We operate in every weather condition! Whether it is raining, freezing cold, or steaming hot, our tour is always running so that you can get the real experience of those who cannot leave the street and go home in bad weather. Wear comfy shoes and dress according to the season.

Languages & translation

Our guides only speak Czech, but every tour can be translated into a foreign language upon request. You can select this option during the booking process.


Taking a Pragulic tour is just as dangerous as crossing the street. With 12 years of experience, we mitigate every risk. We will not bring you to any dangerous locations.

Pricing & payment

Regular ticket is 300 CZK. You can get various discounts and offers. Payment is always made in advance through our reservation system by card or bank transfer. It is not possible to pay the guide on the spot..


Be respectful. We are not here to expose homeless people but rather facilitate a unique experience. Please ask people before you take any pictures or videos.


If you enjoy the tour, you can tip the guide with any amount of money you see fit. It's not only motivation and reward for their work, but also extra income for people who need it.


You can buy a tour as a gift here or redeem your vouchers while booking a tour. Simply enter your code in the check out process.

Give a Pragulic voucher

Are you looking for a meaningful gift and make your beloved happy? What about a tour with Pragulic?. You will receive our voucher via email immediately. The giftee can select a tour valid in a 6 months period.

Are you a group? Feel free to book the date you’d like to have a private tour.

Pragulic Reception

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