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Smíchov seriously but with laugh

Míra is a lifelong punk who does not like living in the system. His life motto is: "It's not about comfort, it's about well-being." After the war, he jumped straight into the wild nineties, tried drugs, but most of all he drank a lot. He also lived abroad, where he first went for work and he lost his documents... so he became homeless and traveled all over Italy and France. He lived in slums or on the street and has experiences that are hard to believe. That is why Míra is the right person to guide you around Smíchov - a beautiful neighborhood that has big problem with drug addicts. From a safe distance, he will point out the critical points and talk about the pitfalls of addictions. His tour will end at Míra's "home". A place he found thanks to Pragulic. His dream come true. At his home, he prepares a fire and you can listen to Míra's stories while roasting “buřt” – a typical Czech sausage. You may find him a little timid, maybe nervous, but when he talks a little, you cannot help but realize that he is incredibly educated and well read, and that conversation with him is rewarding and his well-being is contagious.

All you need to know

All our tour guides speak Czech. For foreigners we have Tour with an English interpreter. For this tour, you can buy one or two places and you will be with other tourists on the tour. There are several days to choose for you. However, you cannot really choose a tour guide. For each dates, a different tour guide will be selected. If you would be interested in specific tour guide, you can always order a private tour. Write us email and we can arrange it for you.

Your guide

Your guide is a person experiencing homelessness. This means that they are currently sleeping rough, using shelters, or staying in various forms of unstable accommodation. Each guide is at a different stage and we do everything we can in order to improve their conditions.

Outside conditions

We operate in all weather conditions! Whether it rains, freezes or melts, our tour is always active so you can experience the true reality of those who cannot leave the road and return home in bad weather. Wear comfortable shoes and dress according to the season.

Languages & translation

Our guides only speak Czech. You can choose the Tour with an English interpreter or you can order a private tour with an interpreter just for you (in that case we might be able to provide also other languages then only English).


Taking a Pragulic tour is just as dangerous as crossing the street. With 12 years of experience, we mitigate every risk. We will not take you to any dangerous places.

Pricing & payment

The price for a ticket of tour in Czech is 350 CZK. Ticket for tour with an interpreter costs 550 CZK. Booking is only possible online and payment must be made in advance by card.


Be respectful. We are not here to expose homeless people but rather facilitate a unique experience. Please ask people before you take any pictures or videos. At the same time, it is very helpful to us, if you share your experience on social media or touristic platforms.


If you enjoyed the tour, you can tip the guide with any amount of money you see fit. It is not just about motivation and reward for their work, but also about extra income for people who need it.


You purchase a tour as a gift here or redeem your vouchers while booking a tour. Simply enter your code during the check out process.

Does it sound interesting to you? Book a Tour with an English interpreter.

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Ulice Na Zatlance
Vyhlídka Mrázovka
Dětské hřiště Mrázovka
Park na Skalce
Radlická Kulturní Sportovna

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