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Lada - a ballad about prostitution and drugs

Drugs have triggered her bipolar disorder. She was in psychiatric facility fifteen times. Now she is under control, she visits a psychiatrist regularly, takes medication, and has a social apartment and a guardian. Prostitution work on Charles square pays for her expenses. She would prefer to go play slots, but she plays virtual and so she is a millionaire. She would rather get high on drugs and alcohol, but she knows she cannot. Moreover, she can already feel well when the state of mania is coming. She always wanted money and clothes from Tuzex. That is why she dated an Arab from the age of 15. She gave birth to a son before she turned 18. When he was 3 months old, she left him with her mother and ran to Prague. There she worked as a waitress and soon learned about money from prostitution. After a while, she also understood that she was a lesbian and prostitution became a profession for her. After the revolution, she went to work in Germany, where she tried drugs. Meth. The mania has begun. Since then, her life has been in a fog and she can barely remember what happened. Nevertheless, the stories… Lada is our new guide and she will probably be nervous at times. Support her and ask questions. Above all, you will support her the most by going to her tour. Lada has calculated that she could earn enough from tours for Pragulic so that she no longer has to prostitute herself!

All you need to know

In order to book a tour with Pragulic, select your guide, click the Book a tour button, choose your preferred date in the calendar and enter your contact information. Confirm and make payment. You will then receive an e-mail with the tour details. Meet your guide and enjoy the experience.

Your guide

Your guide is a person experiencing homelessness. This means that they are currently sleeping rough, using shelters, or staying in various forms of unstable accommodation. Each guide is at a different stage and we do everything we can in order to improve their conditions.

Outside conditions

We operate in all weather conditions! Whether it rains, freezes or melts, our tour is always active so you can experience the true reality of those who cannot leave the road and return home in bad weather. Wear comfortable shoes and dress according to the season.

Languages & translation

Our guides only speak Czech. The regular tours are only in Czech. for foreigners we have tour where an interpreter into English is always present. Please check: The private tour can be always translated. Write us an email and book tour and interpreter with us.


Taking a Pragulic tour is just as dangerous as crossing the street. With 12 years of experience, we mitigate every risk. We will not take you to any dangerous places.

Pricing & payment

The price for a ticket of tour in Czech is 350 CZK. Ticket for tour with an interpreter costs 550 CZK. Booking is only possible online and payment must be made in advance by card or bank transfer.


If you enjoyed the tour, you can tip the guide with any amount of money you see fit. It is not just about motivation and reward for their work, but also about extra income for people who need it.


Be respectful. We are not here to expose homeless people but rather to facilitate a unique experience. Please ask people before taking photos or videos.


You purchase a tour as a gift here or redeem your vouchers while booking a tour. Simply enter your code during the check out process.

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Meeting point

The meeting point is in front of the trash bin near water fountain. When you are next to that trash bin you are facing towards Perlova street.

Trips itinerary

Uhelný trh
Jungmannovo náměstí
Václavské náměstí - Juliš
Václavské náměstí - Jalta
Václavské náměstí - u Muzea
Hlavní nádraží

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