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Karel's guide to a young gay man in Prague

What it was like growing up in nineties Prague, experimenting with your sexuality, drugs and discovering your different orientation. And how the party goes when it comes to coming out… You may be familiar with the movie Mandragora (1997), which describes gay child prostitution. The movie is based on a true story and Karel grew up during this time, so he knew some of the characters personally. Karel was in gay porn himself and he knows how it was back then. During the tour, visitors will be transported to a time that can no longer be understood from today's perspective. The tour will start at Karlovo náměstí (Charle´s square), where, even today after sunset, life is a little wilder. The route will lead through the center. Karel will show you the famous clubs of the nineties, where customers were chased away, Hlavní nádraží (Prague Main Railway Station), where the main plot of the movie Mandragora took place, and you will finish the tour in a sex shop and booths. Karel looks like an older skater, wearing a sweatshirt, a flat-brimmed cap and a face full of deep wrinkles. He was born in Prague AND IS almost SIXTY years old. Although he grew up in a complete family, his father was an alcoholic and, as Karel says, he inherited the addiction gene from him. He graduated from high school, completed 2 years in the military, and even though he knew his orientation all along, he only came out later. And because he wanted to have fun and liked sex, he went all out. Parties, occasional prostitution, drugs, alcohol, even 2 liters of vodka a day. He admitted himself to the treatment center, but the local environment did not stop him and he left. Due to addictions, he lost all his money and ended up on the streets. He currently lives in a trailer with his boyfriend.

All you need to know

In order to book a tour with Pragulic, select your guide, click the Book a tour button, choose your preferred date in the calendar and enter your contact information. Confirm and make payment. You will then receive an e-mail with the tour details. Meet your guide and enjoy the experience.

Your guide

Your guide is a person experiencing homelessness. This means that they are currently sleeping rough, using shelters, or staying in various forms of unstable accommodation. Each guide is at a different stage and we do everything we can in order to improve their conditions.

Outside conditions

We operate in all weather conditions! Whether it rains, freezes or melts, our tour is always active so you can experience the true reality of those who cannot leave the road and return home in bad weather. Wear comfortable shoes and dress according to the season.

Languages & translation

Our guides only speak Czech, but each tour can be translated into a foreign language upon request. You can select this option during the booking process.


Taking a Pragulic tour is just as dangerous as crossing the street. With 12 years of experience, we mitigate every risk. We will not take you to any dangerous places.

Pricing & payment

The price for a ticket is 350 CZK. Booking is only possible online and payment must be made in advance by card or bank transfer.


If you enjoyed the tour, you can tip the guide with any amount of money you see fit. It is not just about motivation and reward for their work, but also about extra income for people who need it.


Be respectful. We are not here to expose homeless people but rather to facilitate a unique experience. Please ask people before taking photos or videos.


You purchase a tour as a gift here or redeem your vouchers while booking a tour. Simply enter your code during the check out process.

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Meeting point

The meeting point is opposite the main entrance of Faust's house - across the road on the corner at the entrance to Charles square park

Trip Itinerary

Karlovo náměstí // Charles Square
Národní třída // Národní Street
Václavské náměstí // Wenceslas Square
Hlavní nádraží // Main Railway Station
Sex shop, Hybernská Street

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April 2024
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