Homeless challenge

Homeless challenge

500 CZK/person
Czech – possible to translate to other language 4+ Hours

Learn how to survive

City game “Prague Homeless Challenge” is an interactive half-day to full-day program for groups of young people, focused primarily on high school and middle school students; its main aim is promotion of education in the areas of social awareness, sustainability and ecology. The concept stands on three basic interconnected pillars, namely: practical training in survival on the street (e.g. building transitional homes, tour of an asylum house, salvaging articles from garbage containers) charitable activities (e.g. recovery of public space, grading the quality of waste recycling, visit to a homeless community) entertainment (e.g. relay running race with a full plastic bag, street art, community art) The whole program builds on the rich experience of our homeless guides of life on the street, their useful knowledge, for example in the field of waste recycling. There is a large variety of tasks and activities available; the specific program is tailored to the needs of each group.Ideal number of participants is 15-20.

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May 2024

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