Drug & Night


Lada Book This Tour 350 CZK / person Book Tour! Czech 2 hours Fri 19.30 Lada – a ballad about prostitution and drugs Drugs have triggered her bipolar disorder. She was in psychiatric facility fifteen times. Now she is under … Read More

Pragulic Tour Guides

Tour with an english interpreter

Homeless tour in English Book this tour 550 CZK / person Book! Czech & English interpreter 2 hours Fri 16.00 Homeless tour with an English interpreter Experience Prague through eyes of a homeless person and learn their story. Our tour … Read More


Míra Book This Tour 350 CZK / person Tickets Czech 2 Hours Sun 15.00 Smíchov seriously but with laugh Míra is a lifelong punk who does not like living in the system. His life motto is: “It’s not about comfort, … Read More


Karel Book this tour 350 CZK / person Tickets Czech 2 hours Fri 19.00 Karel’s guide to a young gay man in Prague What it was like growing up in nineties Prague, experimenting with your sexuality, drugs and discovering your … Read More


Zuzka Book This Tour 350 CZK / person Tickets Czech 2 Hours Thu 17.00 Youth done drugs and life after it For 18 long years, Zuzka used drugs (she started at age of 15), lived on the street, and managed … Read More


Roman Book This Tour 350 CZK Book Tour Czech 2 Hours Wed & Sat 18:00 A Roman-tic tour under the bridge Prostitution, theft, drugs, gay themes and racial discrimination, Roman knows his stuff about it all. Let yourself be taken … Read More