24 hours Homeless Experience Voucher

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Philosophy: “You can only understand homelessness after you have tried it yourself.”

The concept of the unique homeless experience originated from a series of brainstorming meetings with the guides. Our aim is to create agents of change, who, based on an intensely personal experience, know what homelessness means, who lost all the myths and prejudices and use this experience and act on it in their further lives.

The experience begins at 8 am in front of the Prague main station and finishes the next day, at the same time, at the same place. The full-day homeless program depends not only on the current forecast but primarily on the specific wishes and interests of the participants, who “ended up” on the street and who must in some way get money, food and find a place to sleep.


Download a high quality printable version of your voucher here: http://bit.ly/Poukaz_k_tisku