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24 hours homeless experience

Philosophy: “You can only understand homelessness after you have tried it yourself.”

The concept of the unique homeless experience originated from a series of brainstorming meetings with the guides. Our aim is to create agents of change, who, based on an intense personal experience, know what homelessness means, who lost all the myths and prejudices and use this experience and act on it in their further lives.

The experience begins at 8 am in front of Prague main station and finishes the next day, at the same time, at the same place. Full-day homeless program depends not only on the current forecast but primarily on the specific wishes and interests of the participants, who “ended up” on the street and who must in some way get money, food and find a place to sleep.

There are two basic alternatives:

GROUP (Pragulic guide + Group 2-3 candidates, who may or may not know each other in advance)

INDIVIDUAL (Pragulic guide + one candidate)



Philosophy: “Transfer of know-how from the field of homelessness into everyday corporate practice”

Homeless teambuilding is primarily aimed at managers and employees from the corporate sphere. It has the form of a structured homeless pentathlon in which the participants can learn from somebody they would never have expected to learn from; they can pick up a lot of practical skills applicable in their everyday work.

The aim is to show that a company training may be active and fun and at the same time it can introduce the corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a strategic concept naturally penetrating all the functional areas in the company.

You can look forward to original and meaningful team tasks in the area of marketing, sales, finance and human resources. To give an example of a “sales activity”, the participants are required to sell directly on the street what they had found in garbage containers and to do that as quickly as possible for the highest price. In case of “finance activity”, the team shall use creative team fund-raising in the form of street art. In the logistic part, the participants spend the money they earned on food and other things they consider useful for the homeless; those things are later taken by the team to a specific homeless colony.

The teambuilding program is very flexible and it is possible to tailor it to the needs of each group. Ideal number of participants is 10-15.


Prague Homeless Challenge

Philosophy: “The homeless are able to survive in extreme conditions because they have learned to live in harmony with the Earth.”

City game “Prague Homeless Challenge” is an interactive half-day to full-day program for groups of young people, focused primarily on high school and middle school students; its main aim is promotion of education in the areas of social awareness, sustainability and ecology.

The concept stands on three basic interconnected pillars, namely:

  • practical training in survival on the street (e.g. building transitional homes, tour of an asylum house, salvaging articles from garbage containers)
  • charitable activities (e.g. recovery of public space, grading the quality of waste recycling, visit to a homeless community)
  • entertainment (e.g. relay running race with a full plastic bag, street art, community art)

The whole program builds on the rich experience of our homeless guides of life on the street, their useful knowledge, for example in the field of waste recycling. There is a large variety of tasks and activities available; the specific program is tailored to the needs of each group.Ideal number of participants is 15-20.


Gift voucher

Our original – not only Christmas – gift vouchers are created in cooperation with the cartoonist Jindřich Janíček.

Practical instructions:

Please order our gift vouchers in the shop.

You can pay by bank transfer, then print the voucher you receive via email and write a personal message on it.

The recipient can then choose date of the tour online on pragulic.cz. The unique code is used in the booking process.

Our vouchers are valid for 6 months after the date they are issued.

You can buy your gift vouchers for: 250 CZK / 500 CZK / 1 000 CZK