Czech language

Zuzka was on drugs for a long 18 years, and now she stands on her own two feet again. She jumped in with determination and patience, and she’s succeeding. She cooks and bakes with “Cooks Without Home,” and as an outreach worker, she helps young people at risk of drug addiction.

The tour

History and present of the drug scene in Prague

On your walk through the Centre of Prague, you will see how the Prague drug scene works and learn how it has changed from the Communist period to today. Zuzka will guide you through places in the very heart of the city that you may have overlooked, telling you things you might have rather not known.

  Area: The Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Charles Square, Náplavka

Wednesday – 3:00 pm, Thursday – 5:00 pm

 Beginning of the tour: Republic Square (below the surface, in front of the Metro entrance)