Václav – not available


Czech – possible to translate into foreign language

Vaclav is our oldest tour guide who lives under the Hlavka bridge together with his dog Astor and a cat. Along his side you will find a flower bed or a mug collection. Vaclav used to be a millionaire, but has been on the street since 2006, as he puts it; out of choice. He likes to joke around and show his tour followers the hotspots of Prague, while educating them about the history of the city. He likes to end his tours by a warm invitation to his home. He enthusiastically shares his experiences of managing life on the street without getting dirty and always having a place to sleep.

Prohlídková trasa

OD Kotva – Hlávkům most – Nábřeží Kapitána Jaroše – Loď Hermés – Štefánikův most – OD Kotva

Beginning of the tour: Kotva shopping centre (in front the entrance)

Not available.