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Robert is a railway enthusiast who, very possibly, knows all train timetables by heart. When he starts telling his story, you get a strong feeling that he came from another time. He can sometimes be a little distracted but he is always nice, honest and so knowledgeable that every student could envy him. His story is full of such twists and interesting pieces of information that will make you shake your head in disbelief. You can always safely recognize him by his headband and clothes with the symbol of “The Salvation Army.”

The tour

Follow the railway sleepers to the košíře squat

From the main train station you will take the Prague railcar through the picturesque Prokopské valley to the Cibulka vineyard homestead. This is where squatters found their home and thanks to them the building got an entirely new life.

 Area: Smíchov railway station, Prague Semmering, Cibulka

 Saturday – 1:45 pm

 Beginning of the tour: Smíchov railway station (in front of the Czech Post)