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A friendly dealer of the “Nový Prostor” magazine (The Big Issue), has an eight-year personal experience with life on the street. When he is not selling the magazine in the Vltavská Metro station, you can find him in the theater, his lifelong hobby, or he spends time with his cute three-year old daughter. As a former policeman, Petr has an inherent sense of order. His tours as well as theater rehearsals have a peculiar sense of order.

The tour

At home without a home

During the tour you will get to know the joys and sorrows of life on the street, you will find out what’s it like to sell the “Nový Prostor” magazine. You will get a look into the homeless colony under the Hlávkův Bridge, discover quarter Letná and Štvanice isle. On the other side of the Vltava river, Petr will take you to the one place where a lot of homeless stories begin.

  Area: Vltavská Metro station, Štvanice isle, Florenc and its surroundings

Saturday – 2:00 pm

 Beginning of the tour: Vltavská Metro station (upstairs at the tram station)