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Honza B.

 Czech language

Honza saved books from garbage containers and then sold them to used bookstores in Prague. He could recite poetry by heart, and knew the places where Czech artists and writers lived and created their works. He was the first poet who began writing on the Lennon Wall, and was once the creative director of a leading marketing agency. He had been living on the streets of the capital since the floods of 2002. He had succumbed to a serious illness on March 30, 2016. He will be missed.

The tours

The hidden corners of Žižkova and Královské Vinohrady

 Journey into the depths of the used book stores in Prague

During this tour you will visit the antique stores in the vicinity of Masaryk railway station where Honza sells his finds; you will visit the Divus art space, where he spent a part of his life and a unique homeless colony under the Hlávkův Bridge.

 Area: Masaryk railway station and its surroundings, Těšnov, Vltavská

The influence of the floods on the face of the city and the man

 Area: Karlín, Žižkov