• Experience Prague through the eyes of homeless people

Who are we?

We are a team of young people who, with the help of social business, change the public's view of homeless people in a courageous and entertaining way, enabling them to return to normal life.

More about the Pragulic project

Regular tours

The standard length of the homeless tour is 120 - 150 minutes. It can be a refreshment stop in an interesting thematic environment. Book    Price:   250 CZK / adult, 180 CZK / student 700 CZK / more), school, company, or travel agency? Are you interested in your own tour at your chosen time with a guide of your choice? Please contact us via this contact form.

Homeless experiences

With the Pragulic guides now, you can not only get to know the world of homeless people but also to experience yourself! to experience yourself! Do you want to try a completely authentic  24 hours homeless? genuine   teambuilding? Write us in this contact form.

Gift cards

Give a tour or experience with a homeless person! Order the original gift vouchers in our eshop .

Pragulic can also be found in Olomouc, České Budějovice and Ostrava.



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